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What to Expect from the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Program

The SEM Program is a guaranteed traffic program that is going to connect you to individuals who are actively searching for homes online over to your website. The purpose of this program is to have your website compete online and help generate new business towards your way. Z57 accomplishes this by running sponsored ads on major search engines like Google & Bing and drive that traffic to a specific landing we have created for you. These individuals will be directed to a landing page that includes a home search, any active listings you may have, and your company and contact information. After this process is completed, leads will then be directed to your site where everything is branded to you. All these details and results will be provided to you inside of PropertyPulse which will allow you to track and monitor everything the leads are doing on your website and with your marketing. 

When a lead is captured, with our program you will receive a text message (if setup) and email notification. It is best advisable to be reaching out to the leads that come in within 10 minutes of coming into your system as study show response time is extremely important to your leads. Understanding that not everyone will always be ready to buy on the initial contact, it is necessary to contact and follow up with every lead to determine where they are in their home buying process. In any industry, leads may take 6-8 touches before being ready to transact but if you consistently follow up, you will see success with this program. To further discuss call tips and follow up strategies, please sign up for our live webinars, stay tuned for upcoming videos, and do not hesitate to reach out to Client Development for assistance on your account. 

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