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Update the Website Slideshow

The photos that are displayed at the top of your PropertyPulse website are called “Sliders”. Your website comes with four Slider types: Nivo, Accordian, Content and Thumbnail. Each Slider type has 12 different regional sets of photos you can choose from to match your local area.

Here is how to switch your slider to a different style or to select a new regional photo set:

1. Navigate to the Website tab

2. Select All Pages from the left menu

3. Scroll to the page called Welcome (your homepage) and click Edit

4. Scroll down below the page content to the section titled Page Layout Settings

5. The first section to look for is Slider Type, select a slider type


6. Proceed to the section with title Slider Name. Scroll through until you find the slider name that matches the slider type you selected and choose a region.
7. Click Update

8. Your new slider will be published on your site immediately.

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Last Update: June 11, 2019  

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