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Academy Overview

In this bi-weekly series, you’ll be a part of live-workshops featuring business planning and improvement techniques, lead generation methods, and lead engagement strategies.

In each workshop, you’ll receive:
Specific coaching tips on how to improve your business
Handouts & recording of coaching session to go back and review
Applicable worksheets to apply to your business

As a registered member of the Academy, come back to this page for the recording and Academy updates!

Series 3: Hit Your GCI Goals with PropertyPulse

S3 Downloads

Building a Foundation Overview
Building a Foundation Slide Deck
10-Day Plan of Attack Infographic
10-Day Plan of Attack Agent Script
Turning Leads Into Clients Overview
Turning Leads Into Clients Side Deck
Converting Your Existing Pipeline Slide Deck
Lead Generation Calculator
Increasing Your Lead Pipeline Slide Deck
Increasing Your Lead Pipeline Overview
Lead Generation 101 Overview
Lead Generation 101 Slide Deck
Open House Checklist
Open House Slide Deck
Open House Overview
Capitalize on Social Media Overview
Capitalize on Social Media Slide Deck
Ask the Expert Slide Deck

Series 2: 2019 Real Estate Business Plan Development

S2 Downloads

2019 Real Estate Business Plan Outline
S.W.O.T. Analysis Tool
S.W.O.T. Analysis Slide Deck
Annual Goal Planning Tool
Annual Goal Planning Slide Deck
Lead Generation Calculator
Lead Generation Calculator Slide Deck
Budgeting Calculator
Budget Like A Pro Slide Deck
Ask the Experts Slide Deck

Series 1: Getting Started With Real Estate

S1 Downloads

10 Day Action Plan Infographic
10 Day Action Plan Instructions
10 Day Action Plan Scripts
10 Day Action Plan Worksheet
Lead Generation Calculator
Re-Engaging Pipeline Email Templates
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